Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 260 Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 260 spectrophotometer offers reliable, high-quality performance and enhanced customer usability. EVOLUTION 260 PC SPECTROPHOTOMETERZweistrahlgerät, Xenon-Lampe

Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ CF-1 Calibration Fluid, 0.5mL ampule

Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop CF-1 Calibration Fluid is an aqueous potassium dichromate (K2Cr207) solution for use in confirming spectrophotometer calibration. CF-1 CALIBRATION FLUID ND1000/2000

Biochrom™ SWIFT II Method System Control Software

Application modules for wavelength scanning, reaction kinetics, quantitation, multi-wavelength, time drive and fraction analysis SWIFT II - METHOD (WINDOWS 95)

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution 300 Spectrophotometer Smart Peltier Thermostatted Single Cell Holders

Controls temperature from 5° to 110°C SINGLE CELL PELTIER INTELLIGENT ACPrice and offer only valid whilst stock lasts. To

Lovibond™ PFXi-880 Series Spectrophotometers

With RCMSi technology (Remote Calibration & Maintenance Service) for remote calibration and servicing via internet without leaving benchtop Spectrocolorimeter PFXi-880/S +RCMSi pack

Biochrom™ Novaspec Pro Spectrophotometer

Designed for general biotech laboratory use, this spectrophotometer is lightweight and easy to use. The Biochrom™ Novaspec Pro Spectrophotometer features a small footprint and rugged lightweight construction, ideal for laboratories where space is at a minimum. Spectrophotometer Novaspec Pro

SPEX™ SamplePrep Disposable XRF X-Cell™ Sample Cups

Permit fast XRF analysis of liquid samples. X100 X ray cell Disposable 31mm closed cell

Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer

Perform both basic and complex analyses with the Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer, an intuitive, reliable solution for education or in the lab. GENESYS 30 VIS Spectrophotometer with UK Power Cable

Jenway™ 6320D Visible Spectrophotometer

Use this spectrophotometer QC and testing procedures for a wide variety of services and industries. Jenway™ 6320D Visible Spectrophotometers are high quality, low cost units for spectrophotometric applications in schools and colleges. SPECTROPHOTOMETER 6300

Biochrom™ Deuterium Lamp Assembly for Ultrospec 500/1100 Pro Spectrophotometers

For use with Ultrospec 500 Pro, Ultrospec 1100 Pro Spectrophotometer DEUTERIUM LAMP ASSEMBLY

Biochrom™ Datrys Software

Datrys software enables PC control of a range of GE spectrophotometers DATRYS LS UPGRADE

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ ISA-220 Integrating Sphere Accessory

Achieve more accurate, more reproducible measurements of scattering solutions with a highly efficient integrating sphere accessory. CUVETTE HOLDER INTEGRATING SPHERE

Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 10 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers Test Tube Holder

TEST TUBE HOLDER ACCOMMDATES TEST TUBES UP TO25mm in diameter. Requires either SPR-205-680L or

Biochrom ™ Lightwave II UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The Biochrom WPA Lightwave is a standalone spectrophotometer that combines ease of use with flexibility, and the novel optics require no lid or moving parts and use a Xenon source for high energy performance with longer lamp lifetime. Compact footprint saves valuable bench space. SPECTROPHOTOMETER LIGHTWAVE 5 NM

Biochrom™ Micro-Volume Cell Holder

Micro-volume Cell Holder is for use with 50μL cuvettes. Accessory for the Ultrospec 2100 pro spectrophotometer. CELL HOLDER MICROVOLUME FOR 50µL CELL

Single-cell sample holders for GENESYS™ and BioMate™ 160 Spectrophotometers

Simplify sampling with easy access CYLINDRICAL CELL HOLDER 50MM OPL

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart Thermostatted Linear 8-Cell Changer Accessory

Precisely position up to eight samples with the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Smart Thermostatted Linear 8-Cell Changer Accessory 8-CELL CHANGER LINEAR, SMART,Plug-and-Play thermostatted for Evolution 200

Lovibond™ Tintometer™ Photometer-System PC MultiDirect

Used in Waste Water, Drinking Water, Industrial Process Water, Scientific Applications, Governmental and Private Laboratories, Universities and Research Centres, Mobile Applications Photometer-System PC MultiDirect

Lovibond™ Colorimeter Reagent Set: Ozone

For use with MC500, MD600 colorimeter and SP600 spectrophotometer. X100 COMBI-PACK CL HR DPD DPD NO 1 HR + NO. 3 HR

Biochrom™ Novaspec III+ Spectrophotometer

Designed for a wide range of applications, this visible spectrophotometer is portable, reliable and easy to use. The Biochrom™ Novaspec III+ Spectrophotometer features a small footprint and rugged lightweight construction, ideal for laboratories where space is at a minimum. Novaspec III+

Biochrom ™ WPA S1200+ Visible Spectrophotometer

Biochrom's WPA S1200+ visible spectrophotometer has been designed to meet the routine spectroscopy needs of customers requiring a small, lightweight instruments that is easy to use. Spectrophotometer WPA S1200+

Biochrom™ GeneQuant™ 1300 Spectrophotometers

Can be used with a wide variety of cuvettes or capillaries for sample volumes from 3μL to 2mL GeneQuant 1300 with Printer (Classic colour)

Biochrom ™ Libra S21 Visible Spectrophotometer

The Biochrom Libra S21 is a simple-to-use instrument with advanced performance, incorporating Xenon lamp technology for longer source lifetime and lower maintenance costs. A further benefit of this design is reference beam optical noise compensation to improve signal to background measurements. Libra S21 split beam Vis spectrophotometer

Biochrom ™ SimpliNano Micro-Volume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with USB memory stick capability

The Biochrom SimpliNano is simple to use for basic labortories measuring nucleic acid and protein using sample volumes as low as 1μl. SimpliNano

Biochrom™ Single Cell Holder

Accessory for the Ultrospec 2100 pro spectrophotometer. 10-50mm pathlength. 10-50mm Pathlength Cell Holder

GE Healthcare GeneQuant 1300 Spectrophotometers: Replacement Printer Paper

Paper for GE Healthcare GeneQuant 1300 Spectrophotometer printer Spare printer paper 20 rolls

WTW™ photoLab™ S6 Filter Photometer

The photoLab™ S6 filter photometer with 6 wavelengths combines lab precision with the highest comfort and speeds for water analytics. PHOTOMETER PHOTOLAB S6

Eppendorf™ BioSpectrometer™ Kinetic

Compact spectrophotometer for measurements in the UV and visible range. Spectra can be recorded, and individual wavelength measurements can be made in a spectral range of 200 to 830 nm. BioSpectrometer kinetic, 230V/50-60Hz, EU-plug

Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Peltier Thermostatting Accessories

Achieve superior performance in temperature control and sample stirring for many UV-Visible analysis methods. SMART 8-CELL PELTIER SYSTEM