Dialysis and Desalting

Spectrum™ Labs Spectra/Por™ 6 1000 D MWCO Standard RC Pre-wetted Dialysis Kits

With Pre-wetted ready-to-use tubing, not requiring soaking to remove glycerol SPECTRA/POR 6 TRIAL KIT 1,000 MWCO 38MM WIDTH

Thermo Scientific™ Zeba Spin 7K MWCO Desalting Columns

Effectively remove salt and other molecules (7K MWCO) from samples and attain excellent protein recovery with these centrifuge-based chromatography columns. X50 Desalt spin column Pierce Zeba Micro (pack of

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Dialysis Bag Clip Holders

Strong support for suspending dialysis bags in beakers or pitchers X6 Dialysis bag holder clip for beakers

Thermo Scientific™ Slide-A-Lyzer™ 3.5K MWCO MINI Dialysis Devices

Perform sample buffer exchange with these 3500-MW cut-off (MWCO) disposable polypropylene cups with integrated, low-binding membranes. X250 Dialysis unit Pierce Mini Slide-A-Lyzer 10

Spectrum Labs™ Closure for dialysis tubing natural 55mm Spectrum


Spectrum™ Labs Spectra/Por™ 3 3.5 kD MWCO Standard RC Dry Dialysis Kits

With Standard Grade Regenerated Cellulose membrane tubing for applications with significant size difference between MW species being separated SPECTRA/POR 3 TRIAL KIT 3,500 MWCO 45MM WIDTH

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ RED Device for Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis

Perform plasma protein-binding assays, a critical step in drug development, with the easiest, fastest and most reliable rapid equilibrium dialysis (RED) system. X10 SINGLE-USE RED BASE PLATE(EMPT

Spectrum™ Trial Size Kits for Standard-Grade RC Dialysis Membrane Tubing (5 meter)

Ideal for smaller basic dialysis applications SPECTRA/POR 2 TRIAL KIT 12-14K MWCO 45MM WIDTH

Spectrum™ Dialysis Reservoir

Provides the optimum environment for laboratory dialysis SPECTRA/POR DIALYSIS RESERVOIR WITH SILENT SWIRL STIR BAR 600ML

Spectrum™ Spectra/Por™ Float-A-Lyzer™ G2 Dialysis Devices

Ready-to-use and disposable, Float-A-Lyzer G2 incorporates biotech-grade cellulose ester (CE) membrane tubing into a preasembled dialysis device that is easy-to-use and provides ultimate convenience for small volume dialysis (1 to 10mL) X12 FLOAT-A-LYZER G2 CE MWCO 100.000, 1 ML

Thermo Scientific™ Slide-A-Lyzer™ 20K MWCO G2 Dialysis Cassettes

Remove buffer salts and contaminants while maximizing sample recovery with these second-generation self-floating protein dialysis cassettes (20K MWCO). SLIDE-A-LYZER G2 20KD 30MLMWCO 6 / pkg

Thermo Scientific™ Slide-A-Lyzer™ 10K MWCO Dialysis Cassettes

Remove buffer salts and contaminants and maximize sample recovery using this semi-permeable membrane with a 10000-dalton protein MW cut-off (MWCO). 1 SET DIALYSIS CASSETTE TRIAL KIT SLIDE-A-LYZER0.5mL to 3mL, 10,000 MWCO, contains 1 x cassette,

Spectrum™ Spectra/Por™ 1 RC Dialysis Membrane Tubing 6000 to 8000 Dalton MWCO

Ideal for molecular separation, protein binding studies, electrolyte removal, desalting 30M SPECTRA/POR 1 MEMBRANES MWCO 6000-8000, 40MM WIDTH

Spectrum™ Spectra/Por™ 3 RC Dialysis Membrane Tubing 3500 Dalton MWCO

Ideal for molecular separation, protein binding studies, electrolyte removal, desalting 15M SPECTRA/POR 3 MEMBRANES MWCO 3500 WIDTH 45MM

GE Healthcare Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns

Use for desalting and buffer exchange, as well as removal of low-molecular weight compounds. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ Disposable PD-10 Desalting Columns provide fast, high-recovery. X30 Disposable PD-10 desalting column

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ Q Sepharose XL IEX Columns

Optimized for fast, convenient small-scale protein capture X5 HITRAP Q XL 5ML

Spectrum™ Labs Spectra/Por™ 2 and 4 12-14 kD MWCO Standard RC Dry Dialysis Kits

For smaller dialysis experiments or evaluating dialysis tubing for dialysis application SPECTRA/POR 4 TRIAL KIT 12-14K MWCO 32MM WIDTH

Spectrum™ Labs 300 kD Biotech CE Dialysis Kits

With tubing made from biologically inert and ultra-pure Biotech cellulose ester membrane SPECTRA/POR BIOTECH CE 300,000D MWCO 31MM WIDTH

Thermo Scientific™ Pierce™ Strong Ion Exchange Spin Columns

Perform rapid protein fractionation and sample preparation based on charge differences using these strong cation and anion exchange spin columns. X8 STRONG ANION EXCHANGE SPIN COL/Pkg

Thermo Scientific™ Slide-A-Lyzer™ 7K MWCO G2 Dialysis Cassettes

Remove buffer salts and contaminants while maximizing sample recovery with these second-generation self-floating protein dialysis cassettes (7K MWCO). X10 Dialysis cassette Thermo Scientific Pierce10 / pkg

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ Capto™ SP ImpRes IEX Columns

High-throughput medium for intermediate and polishing protein purification X5 HiTrap Capto(TM) SP ImpRes, 5mL column prepacke

GE Healthcare HiTrap™ IEX HP Prepacked Columns

Use for high-resolution, small-scale protein purification. GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ HiTrap™ IEX HP Prepacked Columns are prepacked, ready-to-use Sepharose™ High Performance strong cation exchange columns. HITRAP SP HP, 5X5ML

GE Healthcare RESOURCE™ Q IEX Columns

Use for intermediate lab-scale purification and large-scale polishing of biomolecules GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ RESOURCE™ Q IEX Columns are strong anion exchanger columns. 1 ML RESOURCE Q COLUMN FOR IEX 1ML

GE Healthcare Capto Q ImpRes, 25mL

Designed to meet the demands of modern, large-scale manufacturers. GE Healthcare Capto Q ImpRes, 25ml is a strong anion exchange BioProcess medium that enables fast, efficient, and cost-effective intermediate and polishing protein purification. CAPTO Q IMPRES, 25 ML

GE Healthcare PD SpinTrap™ G-25 Desalting Columns

Use for convenient and fast small-scale cleanup of proteins and other large biomolecules (>5000 Mr).  GE Healthcare Life Sciences™ PD SpinTrap™ G-25 Desalting Columns provide the option of running multiple samples in parallel. X50 PD SPINTRAP G-25

Spectrum™ Spectrum™ RC Dialysis Membranes 12,000 to 14,000 Dalton MWCO

Multipurpose dialysis tubing is ideal for general dialysis for a variety of applications and volumes 15M SPECTRA/POR 4 12-14K MWCO 75MM WIDTH

Spectrum™ Spectra/Por™ 6 Pre-wetted Standard RC Dialysis Tubing, 1-50 kD MWCO

Clear, flexible and sturdy; Standard Grade RC (regenerated cellulose) membrane conveniently pre-equilibrated in water, eliminating the need to soak to remove glycerin and hydrate the membrane 10M DIALYSIS MEMBRANES SPECTRA/POR 6 8000 MWCO 32MM WIDTH