Electrophoresis Equipment

Thermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC-105 Compact Power Supply

Carry out DNA and RNA electrophoresis with the help of theThermo Scientific™ Owl™ EC-105 Compact Power Supply POWER SUPPLY EC105

Hoefer™ SG Series Gradient Makers

Ideal for generating gradients of polyacrylamide, sucrose, and cesium chloride Gradient maker, 30ml total capacity

Invitrogen™ Novex™ XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell

Quickly and easily run up to two Novex 8 x 8cm minigels, leak-free without any clamps or grease Surelock Xcell 00

Hoefer™ SE 600 Chroma Vertical Electrophoresis System

Built-in heat exchanger maintains temperature between 1° and 45°C (33.8° and 113°F) for faster runs with superior quality results ELECTROPHORESIS UNIT HOEFER SE 600 CHROMA VERTICAL, dual cooled, includes glass plates,casting

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank

Compatible with a variety of Novex™ gels, NuPAGE™ gels, and Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels Mini Gel Tank

GE Healthcare Cassette foam sponge

X4 Sponge foam for TE 22 6mm thick (pack of 4)

Hoefer™ SE 250 Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates

Use with the SE 250 vertical electrophoresis unit. Hoefer™ SE 250 Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates come in a variety of styles for particular needs. Alumina plate, notched 8x10cm for SE250/SE260 (1 piece)

Invitrogen™ Mini Gel Tank and Blot Module Set

Provides all of the necessary devices for protein separation and Western blotting using Novex™ gels, NuPAGE™ gels, and Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels Mini Gel Tank and Blot Module Set

Hoefer™ High-Voltage Lead Set

Accessory for Electrophoresis Unit Replacement high voltage leads

Hoefer™ Power Supply Adapter

Adapts older-style 4mm output jacks to accept 4mm safety leads Adapter Kit 4Mm Fixed Sleeve f>- PSA40

GE Healthcare Amersham™ TE 77 and TE 77 PWR Semi-Dry Transfer Unit

Electrotransfer proteins from polyacrylamide gels up to 14 x 16cm (TE 77 PWR) and 21 x 26cm (TE 77) in size in less than one hour TRANSFER UNIT TE 77 SEMI-DRY WITH 25 SHEETS OFblotting paper,50 sheets of cellophane,solid

Invitrogen™ iBlot™ 2 Gel Horizontal Transfer Device

Performs Western blotting transfer simply, efficiently, and reliably, within seven minutes and without the need for liquid buffers IBLOT 2 GEL TRANSFER DEVICE

Invitrogen™ Novex™ iBlot™ 2 Nitrocellulose Transfer Stacks

Used to transfer proteins with the iBlot 2 Gel Transfer Device 10 stacks, iBlot 2 Transfer Stacks,nitrocellulose, mini

Fisherbrand™ Power Supply, Mini 300V Plus

Provides up to 300V (volts) and 400mA of power. Fisherbrand™ Power Supply, 300V Mini Plus includes dual voltage compatibility. POWER SUPPLY MINI300V PLUS 300V, 400mA, 60W,twin output, constant current/voltage

Hoefer™ Combs for SE 600 Series or SE 400 Series Vertical Electrophoresis Units

Made from plastics that are highly resistant to acids, bases, and all commonly used buffer systems Comb preparative, 1 sample well, 2 reference wells, 0.75mm thick for SE660/600X/600/640/410/400

Hoefer™ SE 400 Series Sturdier™ Air-Cooled Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Economical units ideal for applications in which temperature control is not crucial Tall air cooled vertical gel unit, basic, plate size 18cm (w) x 24cm (l), no spacers/combs

GE Healthcare Electrodes and Paper for NovaBlot™


Hoefer™ SE600X Chroma Deluxe Dual Cooled Vertical Electrophoresis Unit

Run up to four gels at a time under identical conditions Chroma Dual Cooled Vertical Unit, Gel size 18cm(w)x16cm(h) or 18cm(w)x8cm(h), 1.5mm combs/spacers

GE Healthcare Paper Electrode Wick for Multiphor ll Electrophoresis System

Paper electrode wick for electrophoresis X240 Paper electrode for use with Ettan(TM) IPGpho

Hoefer™ SE 260 or miniVE Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates

Use with SE 260 or miniVE vertical electrophoresis units. Hoefer™ SE 260 or miniVE Vertical Electrophoresis Unit Accessory, Plates come in a variety of styles for particular needs. X5 GLASS PLATE AND HOE-200-030Y 10CM X 10.5CMrectangular, forHOE-200-020L (pack of 5)

Invitrogen™ Novex™ XCell SureLock™ Replacement Parts

For the XCell SureLock Mini Blot Module GEL KNIFEApparatus, 1 each

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Bolt™ Vertical Mini Blot Module

Wet transfer device used exclusively with the Bolt Minigel Tank BOLT MINI BLOT MODULE

Fisherbrand™ Replacement Pouches for FB-GC20-1 Vertical Gel Caster

Replacement Pouches for FB-GC20-1 Vertical Gel Caster X100 GEL POUCH FOR 27688

Fisherbrand™ Combs for FB-VE16-1 Vertical Electrophoresis System

Creates the wells in gels for electrophoresis COMB 1,5MM 24 WELLS ADJ1/P1/P9

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Bolt™ Mini Gel Tank Replacement Parts

For the Bolt Mini Gel Tank Bolt, spare tank base

Thermo Scientific™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster Comb, 25 teeth

Cast one to five gels simultaneously with the Fisherbrand™ P2-CST Multiple Gradient Gel Caster, one of the simplest devices to cast gradient gels. GEL CASTER P2-CST RABBIT(TM)multiple gradient for 200mm x 200mm gels

Invitrogen™ iBind™ Western Device

An automated Western-processing device that performs every step from blocking to washes to antibody incubations via sequential lateral flow iBind Western Device

Invitrogen™ Novex™ Power Supply Adapters

Connect to a variety of electrophoresis units ZOOM POWER SUPPLYADAPTOR