Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 96 DeepWell™ Polystyrene Plates

Clone and replicate assays with these untreated polystyrene plates, suited for agglutination assays and sample collection. X32 DEEPWELL 96 WELL PLATE ROUND BOTTOM STERILEpolystyrene (case of 32)

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ F96 MicroWell™ Black and White Polystyrene Plate

Ensure consistent and reliable results using black and white plates optimized for robotics, plate readers and liquid handling systems. X50 96 well plates fluorescence sterile polystyren

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Microplates

Obtain consistent results with Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Microplates, optimized for robotics, automated readers and liquid handling systems. X20 Microplate poly-D-lysine coated 96 flat welltransparent, F96, Deckel, steril, VE=20

Corning™ Clear Polystyrene 96-Well Microplates

Manufactured from clear medical grade polystyrene for strength and visibility. Corning™ Clear Polystyrene 96-Well Microplates present an excellent solution for cell culture and colorimetric (absorbance) assays. Use 96-well microplates for laboratory miniaturization and automation. X50 96-Well Culture Plate, PS, Clear, V-Bottom , TC-Treated, Lid, Sterile, Individually Wrapped

Corning™ 384-Well Clear Polystyrene Microplates

Manufactured from clear medical grade polystyrene for strength and visibility. Corning™ 364-Well Clear Polystyrene Microplates present an excellent solution for cell culture and colorimetric (absorbance) assays. Use 364-well microplates for laboratory miniaturization and automation. X100 384-Well plate, PS, Clear, Flat Bottom, Square Wells, Not Treated, with Lid, Sterile, Bulk

Fisherbrand™ 96-Well Low-Profile, Skirted PCR Plates

Fit most thermal cyclers X25 Fisherbrand PCR plate 96-wells, full skirt, PP, yellow - FB-0800/Y

Fisherbrand™ 1536-Well Polystyrene Plates

Engineered for high throughput screening, allowing end users to screen four times as many samples in one plates X100 Fisherbrand 1536 F-Well Assay Plate, PS, White, Non Sterile, w/o Lid, bagged/25

Thermo Scientific™ ABgene™ Thermo-Fast™ 96-Well Semi-Skirted PCR Plates

Patented segmented design allows plate to be cut into 24- and 48-well sections X25 THERMOFAST SSK 96X0,2ML WHITEVE=25 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 96-Well Polypropylene MicroWell™ Plates

Store samples safely with these low-binding 96-well polypropylene plates, which will not allow DNA or proteins to bind and allow for complete sample recovery. X120 Microplate 96 round wells autoclavable non-stæl

Thermo Scientific™ 384-Well Conical Bottom Polypropylene Plates

Minimize costs when storing compounds for small volume applications. Lower binding capacity means proteins or DNA will not bind, allowing for complete sample recovery. X80 Matrix Microplates 384 well, white, V bottom,PP,

Corning™ HTS Transwell™ Clear Untreated Reservoirs

Manufactured from clear plastic for maximum visibility. Corning™ HTS Transwell™ Clear Untreated Reservoir is for use with HTS Transwell Permeable Supports. X48 HTS Transwell-24 Reservoir Plate, PS, Clear, Not Treated, Sterile, 12/bag

Fisherbrand™ 384-Well ShallowWell Polypropylene Microplates

Small volume applications X100 Fisherbrand 384 V-Well Storage Shallow Plate, PP, Black, Sterile, w/o Lid, bagged/25

Corning™ Costar™ Brand 96-Well EIA/RIA Plates

Flat, high binding, sterile, with lid. X100 96-well plate, PS, Clear, Flat Bottom, High Binding, with Lid, Sterile, Bulk

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Multidishes with UpCell™ Surface

Support non-enzymatic harvesting of adherent cells for preservation of cell viability and surface proteins. X6 Multidish Nunc UpCell temperature-responsiveOberfläche, Deckel, steril VE=6 St.

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Non-Skirted Plates

96-well non-skirted plates for use in PCR and qPCR applications. Available with black lettering for improved sample tracking during pipetting. X25 THERMOFAST 96X0,2ML BLACK(VE=25Stck.)

Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal 384-Well Non-Coated Plastic Microplates

For any standard application or assay, you can be sure of excellent solvent resistance and low background noise with these high quality polypropylene 384 well microplates. X60 CERT 384 WELL PLATE, SQUARE, U BASE, 58UL, PP

Corning™ 96-Well Half Area Black Flat Bottom Polystyrene Microplates

Designed to reduce well-to-well crosstalk X25 96-Well plate, PS, Half Area, Low Volume, Black, Flat Bottom, Non Binding, no Lid, Nonsterile

Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal 96-Well Non-Coated Plastic Microplates

For any standard application or assay, you can be sure of excellent solvent resistance and low background noise with these high quality polypropylene 96-well microplates. X120 WELL PLATE 96, 8MM ROUND, U BASE, 500UL, PP

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Semi-Skirted Plates, Flat Deck

96-well semi-skirted PCR plates with a flat deck for improved sealing in PCR and qPCR applications. X25 THERMOSFAST MARK II NEUTRE (MP 52 PROMO)

Thermo Scientific Sterilin™ Black and White Microtiter™ Plates

Perform both fluorescence work and bioluminescence studies with 96-well Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Black and White Microtiter™ plates. X50 microtiter plate PS flat bottomed 400µl whitesubpack of 5

Corning™ 96-Well Clear Flat Bottom Sulfhydryl-BIND™ Microplate

For assays requiring site-directed orientation of a biomolecule, especially antibodies X50 96-Well plate, clear PS, Sulfhydryl-BIND, flat Btm, no Lid, Nonsterile, Individually Wrapped

Thermo Scientific™ WebSeal Plate+ 96-Well Glass-Coated Microplates

Get chemical resistance similar to glass, while retaining the handling advantages of polypropylene with these 96-well glass-coated polypropylene microplates. X10 96 PLATE+ GLASS COAT,7MM RD,V BASE, 220UL, PP

Applied Biosystems™ MicroAmp™ Optical 384-Well Reaction Plate with Barcode

Designed to provide unmatched temperature accuracy and uniformity for fast, efficient PCR amplification X50 FG-384-WELL CLEAR RXN PLATE (4309849) LITL18 Promotion

Thermo Scientific™ Clear Round-Bottom Immuno Nonsterile 96-Well Plates

Carry out colormetric assays with reliable and reproducible results using these clear round-bottom immuno nonsterile 96-well plates, offered with a choice of surface. X60 Plates Nunc-Immuno MaxiSorp configuration U96MaxiSorp

Thermo Scientific™ 96-Well Skirted PCR Plates

Ensure uniform sealing with these PCR plates, molded from 100% virgin polypropylene and featuring elevated rims. X50 PCR PLATE,96-WELL,SKIRTED,SBS

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ MicroWell™ 96-Well Optical-Bottom Plates with Polymer Base

Achieve optimal fluorescence and luminescence in cell culture and microscopic applications with these 96-well optical-bottom plates with polymer base. X30 96 well plate Nunc optical bottom black polystVE=30 Stück

Thermo Scientific™ Immuno Clear Standard Modules

Perform applications which are delivering well-to-well reproducibility with Immuno Clear Standard Modules. Manufactured to fit standard equipment. X60 Framed modules Nunc-Immuno PolySorp / 96VE=60 Stück

Eppendorf™ 96-Well Flat Bottom Sterile Polypropylene PCR Microplates

x240 Microplate 96/F-PP, clear/white, sterile(VE=240 Platten)

Thermo Scientific™ Armadillo™ 96-Well PCR Plate

Optimize robotic applications with these ultra-rigid 96-well PCR plates with U-bottom wells, available in various colors. X25 PLATE PCR 96 CLR WELLS BLE

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 1536-Well Microplates Plates, white

Screen four times as many samples in a single plate with Thermo Scientifi™ Nunc™ 1536-Well Microplates, which are ideal for high-throughput screening. X90 1536 well plates Nunc non-sterile white polyst