Microbiology Media, Stains and Supplies

Fisher BioReagents™ Microbiology Media Additives: Yeast Extract

Additive for preparing bacterial nutrient media 100GR Yeast extract, for molecular genetics, powde

Thermo Scientific™ Plate Count Agar (Dehydrated)

Determine the plate counts of micro-organisms in food, dairy samples, waste water and other material of sanitary importance with this medium. 500 GR PLATE COUNT AGAR POWDER 500 G

Invitrogen™ Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter

Count live and dead cells and measure viability in as little as 10 seconds (KIT) Countess II Automated Cell Counter Start Kit

Fisher BioReagents™ Microbiology Media: LB Agar, Miller (Powder)

Used as a microbial growth medium for the cultivation of E. coli strains for the preparation of plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins. 2KG LB Agar, Miller, for Molecular Genetics

Invitrogen™ Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter

Cell counting and viability in < 10 seconds with no need to buy slides or tips. Two optional user-changeable fluorescence channels with over 20 light cubes to choose from (KIT) Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter Start

Fisher BioReagents™ Tryptone (Granulated)

An enzymatic digest of casein, a milk protein 2KG Tryptone, large granules

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Resazurin Anaerobic Indicator

Oxoid Resazurin is an indicator strip for use with anaerobic jar systems. X100 Anaerobic indicator (resazurin)

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Mycoplasma Broth Base

Oxoid Mycoplasma Broth Base is used for the selective isolation of Mycoplasma species. MYCOPLASMA-BOUILLON-BASIS 500gr.

Fisher BioReagents™ Agar, Powder / Flakes, Fisher BioReagents™

Used as a solidifying agent for culture media 2KG Agar, for molecular genetics, granulated

BD Difco™ Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids

Used for classifying yeasts based on amino acid and carbohydrate requirements. BD™ Difco™ Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids is a dehydrated culture medium used in many molecular genetics applications. Prepared according to the formulas of Wickerham. 100GR BASE YEASTS NITROGEN

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Membrane Endo Agar LES

Oxoid Membrane Endo Agar LES (m Endo AgarLES) is an APHA recommended medium for the confirmation of coliforms. MILIEU D ENDO LES

Thermo Scientific™ Signal™ Blood Culture System

Detect the growth of aerobic, anaerobic and micro-aeophilic organisms from blood samples with this unique one bottle blood culture system. X20 Signal blood culture system

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Agar Bacteriological

Oxoid Agar Bacteriological (Agar No. 1) is a clear purified high gel strength bacteriological agar compatible with all culture media. 500 GR AGAR BACTERIOLOGICAL POWDER 500 G

Agar (80-100 Mesh), Fisher BioReagents

100GR Agar, (80-100 Mesh)

Fisher BioReagents™ Microbiology Media: LB Broth, Miller

Used for growing molecular biology strains of E. coli-containing recombinant plasmids 500GR LB Broth, Miller, for Molecular Geneticspowder

Thermo Scientific™ MYP Agar (Dehydrated)

Enumerate Bacillus cereus in food samples with this selective and differential medium.

500 GR MYP AGAR 500G

Scharlab Agar Bacteriological

A necessary ingredient for the preparation of culture media. 500GR AGAR BACTERIOLOGICAL 500G

Sartorius™ Nutrient Pad Sets (NPS) 47mm diameter

Sterile, dehydrated culture media which is individually inserted in a petri dish and sterilized X100 NUTRIENT PAD SETS,TYPE SABOURAND (PACK OFStck.)

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ AnaeroGen™ 3.5L Sachet

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid AnaeroGen 3.5L Sachet is for use with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid Anaerobic 3.5L jars, Part No. HP0011A, HP0031A. X10 ATMOSPHERE GENERATION SYSTEM ANAEROGEN GASgenerator

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Mycoplasma Agar Base

Oxoid Mycoplasma Agar Base is used for the selective isolation of Mycoplasma pneumoniae. MYCOPLASMA-AGAR-BASIS 500gr.

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Diagnostic Sensitive Test Agar

Oxoid Diagnostic Sensitive Test Agar (DSTA) is used for antimicrobial susceptibility testing. 500 GR DIAGNOSTIC SENSITIVITY TEST AGAR POWDER500 g

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Anaerobic 3.5L Jar

Oxoid Anaerobic 3.5L System comes with polycarbonate jar and all necessary components. ANAEROBIC JAR ANAEROBIC JAR

Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ Middlebrook 7H10 Agar, Dehydrated

Remel Middlebrook 7H10 Agar (Dehydrated) is used with glycerol and OADC enrichment for the cultivation of Mycobacterium spp. MIDDLEBROOK 7H10 AGAR 500G

Fisherbrand™ eCount™ Colony Counter

Combines a multi-function electronic counter with a Sharpie™ pen for marking to prevent missing of double-counting colonies. The Fisherbrand™ eCount™ Colony Counter has a light, ergonomic body that is balanced for easy manipulation. Different colored markers can be easily changed for marking versatility. COLONY COUNTER PEN eCount

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Cycloheximide Solution (0.1%)

Oxoid Cycloheximide Solution (0.1%) (100mg/vial) is used for the suppression of fungi. CYCLOHEXIMIDE 0,1% SOLUTION 100ml

Brand™ Bürker Counting Chambers

Shows 9 large squares of 1mm2 each used for counting leucocytes. BRAND™ Bürker Counting Chambers also contain group squares that correspond in size to the Neubauer counting chamber which are used for counting thrombocytes and erythrocytes. CE-marked according to IVD-Directive 98/79 CE. Count. chamber BLAUBRAND Bürker IVDwith spring clips, double ruling

MP Biomedicals™ Casamino Acids

Supplemented to microbiological growth media. CASAMINO ACIDS (POWDER) 454 G(1LB)

Thermo Scientific™ Bismuth Sulphite Agar (Modified Wilson & Blair Medium) (Dehydrated)

Isolate Salmonella typhi and other salmonllae from pathological material, sewage water supplies, food and other products with this medium.

500 GR BISMUTH SULFITE AGAR (MODIFIED WILSON &Blair medium) powder 500 g

Thermo Scientific™ Rose-Bengal Chloramphenicol Agar Base (Dehydrated)

Isolate and enumerate yeasts and molds from a wide variety of foodstuffs with this selective medium. 500 GR ROSE-BENGAL CHLORAMPHENICOL SELECTIVEmedium powder 500 g