Autoclaving, Sterilization and Lab Washers

Branson Ultrasonics™ M Series Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

Outfit your lab with a Bransonic MH Series Ultrasonic Cleaner. This unit is designed with solid construction and excellent functionality for a variety of applications − including cell separation, sample preparation and degassing of liquids. BRANSONIC M5800- E, INCL COVER

Miele™ Injector Unit

E408 TA, Full width injector unit for 116 pipettes with hot-air drying, H 502, W 533, D 516 mm

Miele™ A302 Injector Module for Laboratory Glassware, 4 x 8

Suitable injector module for use with laboratory washer baskets A 100 and A 150. Miele™ A302 Injector Module for Laboratory Glassware, 4 x 8 has four rows of eight injectors. A 302 Module For Lab Glassware 4X8

Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags

Designed to be strong, pliable, lean and puncture resistant. Fisherbrand™ Polypropylene Clear Autoclave Bags withstand high temperatures for autoclaving. X100 Autoclave bag Fisherbrand plain non-printed40µm thickness opening on width polypropylene

Thermo Scientific™ Sterilin™ Autoclave Bags, Coated wire holder for 509 & 510 bags

Sterilin Autoclave Bags are strong disposable bags with blue biohazard printing specifically designed for contaminated waste disposal in autoclaves or incinerators. coated wire holder for bags serie 509 and 510

Astell Scientific™ Assisted Air Cooling

Prevent boil over due to a rapid drop in autoclave chamber pressure. Astell Scientific™ Assisted Air Cooling is an affordable option for minimizing the loss of autoclaved media. ASSISTED AIR COOLING

Miele™ Half Basket Insert

E109 Half insert for 21 beakers up to 250ml, 21 x3 holders

Miele™ Insert 1/4

E 149 1/4 insert,container for apprx.80 test tubes16 x 105mm, 80 Fächer, Deckel

Miele™ Injector Nozzle

E 353 Arretierung für Injektordüse E 351

Miele™ Insert 1/2

E 106/2 1/2-Einsatz m. 15 großen Feder- haken,für Meßzylinder, Enghals-Laborglas

Miele Professional™ Mobile injector

Mobile unit E 331 for the optimum loading of butyrometers E 331 Suorasuihkuvaunu

Miele™ Mobile Injector Unit

E350, Injector unit with 33 jets and holders of 2different heights over half width

Miele™ Quarter Insert

E104/1 Quarter insert for up to 200 test tubes 12mm x 105mm, inc. A 13 lid

Miele™ Insert 1/2 (Illustrated)

E 109 1/2-Einsatz für 21 Bechergläser bis 250 ml

Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover

The Fisherbrand™ Glass Beaker with Cover is an ideal accessory for the Fisherbrand™ 11211 ultrasonic cleaner. This is a safe and economical choice for any laboratory. CLEANING GLASS 1L 95 M M WITH LID FOR ALL CLEANERS (except 0,8 L)

Miele™ A150 Lower Basket for Modules

Suitable lower basket for PG 8583/PG8593 laboratory washers. Miele™ A150 Lower Basket for Modules has automatically self-sealing docking valves. A 150 lower basket for modules

Miele™ Mobile Injector Unit 1/1

E 329 Injektorwagen, 1/1 m. 39 Düsen (sor-tiert),f. Enghals-Laborglas, Kolben, etc.

Fisherbrand™ Thermographic Measurements Temperature Strip

X10 TEMP STRIP 8 LEVEL 77-116 DEG(Pack of 10)

Fisherbrand™ Grade 925 Sterilization Paper

Used as wrap for medical clothes. X250 PAP AUTOCLAV WHIT 900X900MM

Miele Professional™ Dosing system

Dispenser module DOS G 60 for 5-10 litre canisters for self-dosing of liquid cleaning products and level control DOS 60/30 Peristaltic pump for G 7825-26, built in

Miele Professional™ Upper basket for laboratory glass washer

Upper basket O 800/1 for the optimum loading of different inserts O800/1 Lafette/leer, Bestückh. 200mm

Miele™ Module for Laboratory Glassware A301/1

A 301/1 module for lab glassware 3x6

Miele™ Upper Basket with Built-In Spray Arm

O190/2, Top basket for use with selected full andhalf width inserts, open front clearance 215mm

Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps for Ultrasonic Units

Safely and securely attach Erlenmeyer flasks to Fisherbrand™ ultrasonic cleaning units. Fisherbrand™ Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps are manufactured using strong and durable stainless steel for superior stability. CLAMP FOR ERLENMEYER FLASK 250 ML

Miele™ Insert

E136, Full width insert for 56 Petri dishes up to100mm dia H 145, W 485, D 445 mm

Miele Professional™ Upper basket for laboratory glass washer

Upper basket A 103 for the optimum loading of inserts Upper Basket A103

Miele Professional™ Injector nozzle

Injector nozzles ID 200 with plastic supports, Ø 6, length 200 mm ID 200 Injektordüse mit Kunststoffspitze, 6,0 mmDurchm., 200 mm lang

Miele Professional™ Insert

Insert E 403 for optimum loading of up to 105 watch glasses E 403 1/2-Einsatz für 105 GlasscheibenDurchmesser 50 - 60 mm