Sampling Systems™ Powder Lance

Versatile sampler that can be used horizontally through a sack or vertically to take samples from drums, kegs, super sacks, and more. Sampling Systems™ Powder Lance is a cross sectional bulk sampler for cohesive powders that can be used to take large volume samples of cohesive powders. Powder Lance - 316ss - 1030mm

Sampling Systems™ Jumbo Sampler Case

The Sampling Systems range of heavy duty cases are ideal for storing samplers. Jumbo Sampler Case

BRAND™ Polypropylene Scoops

Polypropylene construction. Includes sturdy integrated handle. X6 Meßschaufel, PP, weiß, L=260mm, 250ml

Sampling Systems™ MiniCorer

Suitable for sampling sticky, cohesive powders as well as products such as cheese. Sampling Systems™ MiniCorer is excellent at taking samples from semi solid products. MiniCorer 316ss 290mm

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Pallet Knife

Constructed of food/pharma grade HDPE, making it ideal for manufacturing areas. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Pallet Knife is good for hygienic applications and requires no cleaning. X100 SteriWare Pallet Knife 150mm sterile

Sampling Systems™ Liquid Master

Available in a range of lengths and diameters to give a range of sample volumes. Sampling Systems™ Liquid Master is ideal for taking samples from low and medium viscosity liquids. Liquid Master 2000mm - PP

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable PharmaScoop™

Manufactured in a class 100,000 cleanroom to ensure cleanliness. Sampling Systems™ Polystyrene Disposable Pharma Scoops are individually wrapped and do not require expensive cleaning or cleaning validation. X100 PHARMASCOOP 60ML STERILE

Sampling Systems™ Stainless Steel Ladles

These ladles are made from hygienic stainless steel and are ideal for sampling liquid products. Ladle Sampling Systems 304 stainless steel 150mL

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Spatula

Universal instrument for collecting, dividing and mixing pastes, creams etc. Spatula V2A stainless steel, length 180mm

Sampling Systems™ Mono Pocket Sampler

Quick and easy to use sampler that has a GMP design, which means it can be stripped and cleaned very quickly. Sampling Systems™ Mono Pocket Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. Mono Pocket Sampler 1500mm 316ss

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Blue Disposable PharmaScoop™

Use straight from the bag without the need for costly cleaning. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Blue Disposable PharmaScoop™ is ideal for both sampling and dispensing powders and granules. X100 Disposable Blue Scoop - PP - 60ml SterilisedDisposable Blue Scoop - PP - 60ml Sterilised

V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod

Buerkle™ V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod for Buerkle™ SiloPicker allows samples to be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. SiloPicker extension 100cm

Sampling Systems™ Disposable Bailer

Ideal for sampling from storage silos or well sampling. Sampling Systems™ Disposable Bailer can either be manually pushed into the liquid being sampled or else it can be lowered on the end of a wire. X24 SteriWare Bailer HDPE 950mm with weight

LaboPlast™ Polystyrene Scoop 100mL Without Cover

The LaboPlast™ disposable scoop made of polystyrene is produceand assembled in our clean room of class 7 and individually packaged for disposable use.The disposable scoop is ideal for powders, granulates and pastes. X10 Scoop LP, dispo, 100ml w/o c

Bel-Art™ Sterileware™ Sampler Scoops

Manufactured frm polystyrene plastic. SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ Sampler Scoops are designed for retrieving samples from a larger source. Scoop, sterileware, polystyrene, white, 60ml

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable HDPE Powder Lances

Ideal for taking a cross sectional sample through a bulk powder. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Powder Lance is quick and easy to use. X20 POWDER LANCE 500 MM STERILE

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Powder Spatula

Easily sample and dispense quantities of powders. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Disposable Powder Spatula is tough and comfortable to use with its specially designed rounded handle and robust blade. X100 Powder spatula Steriware disposable HDPEwhite 230mm overall length, 150mm blade (pack of

Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter

Manufactured from PTFE. Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter fits glass thread GL45. For use with Buerkle™ MiniSampler PTFE. PTFE ADAPTER FOR GL45

Cole-Parmer™ Aluminum Scoop


Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Ellipso-Spoon™ Spatula

Specially curved shape permits contact with all corners of bottles and containers to minimize sample loss Spoon, ellipso-Spoon sampler, stainless steel, 18cm

Buerkle™ Jumbo Sampler

Buerkle™ Jumbo Sampler is ideal for coarse grains and larger quantities. ZONENSAMMLER MIT PTFE-SEPARATOREN, 1355 MM,50/1500 mm

Bel-Art™ SP Scienceware™ Sterileware™ Economy Sampling Scoops

An inexpensive and accurate measure for dry or liquid measures Econo scoops sterileware 83mL FP=50

Buerkle™ DispoLance Disposable Sampler

Used for taking large and small sample quantities directly from bags. The Buerkle™ DispoLance Disposable Sampler is suitable for free-flowing powders and small-grain granulates. It is available in sterile and non-sterile varieties. X20 DispoLance LaboPlast, HDPE, 500 mm

Sampling Systems™ Fluid Point Sampler

Designed to allow rapid point sampling from drums, kegs and most containers. Sampling Systems™ Fluid Point Sampler is ideal for sampling pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food stuffs. Fluid Point Sampler. Stainless Steel. 1000mm

Sampling Systems™ Sack Samplers

Sampling Systems™ Sack Samplers are a quick and efficient way to obtain samples of the substances within sacks and bags. Sampler Sampling Systems SackMaster P plain end316 stainless steel 400mm

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Ice Borer

Buerkle™ Stainless Steel Ice Borer is a sampler for deep-frozen and semi-solid substances products in the food industry. ICE BORER 50MM54mm, Drilling depth: 200mm

Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Scraper

Designed to be ergonomic, which means they are easy to use and ideal for scraping and cleaning. Sampling Systems™ SteriWare™ Scraper is ideal for use with foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. X100 SteriWare Scraper 110mm

Sampling Systems™ Pocket Sampler

Quick and easy to use sampler that has a GMP design, which means it can be stripped and cleaned very quickly. Sampling Systems™ Pocket Sampler is suitable for taking discrete, zone samples from free flowing powders and granules. Pocket Sampler 316L stainless dia 1500mm dia 25mm

Sampling Systems™ Powder Trier

Constructed of robust stainless steel, making it suitable for sampling cereals, grains, free flowing powders, granules and even slightly cohesive powders. Sampling Systems™ Powder Trier is ideal for taking a large volume, cross sectional sample from containers, sacks or silos. X600mm Powder Trier