New Site Distribution Center

Dear Customer,

It is with great pride that we write to inform you about the next important step supporting the Thermo Fisher Scientific vision. In order to accelerate growth and improve our customer experience in Europe, the global leadership have agreed to invest in our logistical capabilities in Gothenburg, Sweden.


State of the Art distribution center

During Q1 2017 we will be moving into our brand new BREEAM certified facility. The new distribution center will triple our stock capacity, for consumables, equipment, and chemicals. With a state of the art Thermo Scientific cold chain solution, we can safely store enzymes, antibodies, media and sera for our customer’s life science applications. In order to support our customers GxP regulations we are installing a world class Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue monitoring system. This means we can monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the distribution center in real-time.


Laboratories for after sales service

To improve the Thermo Fisher Scientific after sales service in the Nordics, Unity Lab Service will host several laboratories in the new facility. These laboratories will include a controlled environment for pipette calibration and cold storage repairs as well as a general workshop for equipment and instruments. These local laboratories, will enhance our capabilities, ensuring customers’ access to Service Engineers and experts, so they can focus on science and driving innovation without experiencing delays.


Center of excellence Customer Service facility

In conjunction with the new distribution center we will build a new Nordic office. This will be a center-of-excellence office facility, designed by one of the world’s leading architect companies, focusing on our employee’s work environment and welfare in order to better serve our customers. The new office will be open plan to facilitate easier communication and increase visibility. In addition, there will be a multitude of hot-spots, conference rooms, open spaces as well as quiet rooms for focused and innovative problem-solving.


Environmental impact

To support our corporate mission of enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer the environmental impact of the new facility is important. The facility will thus be constructed according to the high standards of the BREEAM certification. This encompasses the sustainable use of natural resources, the reduction of carbon emissions, improving the wellbeing of the occupants and encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transportation. All-in-all a future-proof facility, built for the benefit of the natural environment as well as improving the work environment of the employees.

Stephen Pickering

Stephen Pickering

Vice President Commercial Operations, Europe


New Address:

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific GTF AB

Arendalsvägen 16

418 78 Göteborg


Important Dates:

27th of January

  • - Move of back-office staff

3rd of February

  • - Move of Customer Service

15th of February

  • - Move of Warehouse

16th and 17th of February

  • - No products are shipped

20th of February

  • - Move Complete