Buerkle™ All-Purpose Round Containers

Box for storing, packing, taking samples, sampling and transport of pastes, granules, powders, soil samples and frozen goods (-40 °C up to briefly +95 °C). Ideal use of space, can be stacked. Complete with press-in lid. Round box PE transparent 500ml

Buerkle™ Instrument Server

Provides clean storage of instruments, equipment, goods and precision parts. Buerkle™ Instrument Servers are constructed of sturdy melamine resin and are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 minutes. INSTRUMENT TRAY 43X29 CMLxBxH=428x288x17 mm

Buerkle™ Wide Mouth Disposable Kegs

A wide-necked container for disposal or storage of powders, granulates and liquids. HDPE Wide Mouth disposal container with lid, 6l

Buerkle™ HDPE Jerrican

Use these jerricans for liquid storage or transport. Buerkle™ HDPE Jerricans are UN transport approved and include a tamper-evident seal. CARBOY HDPE 10L WHITE

Buerkle™ Pressureless LDPE Spray Bottles with Long-life Hand Pump

Manufactured from polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel. Buerkle™ Pressureless LDPE Spray Bottles spray 1.2ml ±0.1 volume per stroke. Suitable for agricultural pesticides and detergents. SPRAYER LDPE 1L D98X295MM

Buerkle™ LaboPlast™ Spoon Spatulas

Use as a sampling spoon or to measure or transfer small amounts. Buerkle™ LaboPlast™ Spoon Spatulas can also be used as a scraper or for mixing and stirring. X100 Spoon spatula, LaboPlast, PS, 0,5 ml/17 mm

Buerkle™ HDPE Universal Storage Containers

Universal storage container, 48L, 660mm x 450mm x220mm

Buerkle™ MiniSampler Environmental Sampling Kit

Choose from the PE model for general sampling or PTFE model for ultra pure sampling. Buerkle™ MiniSampler Environmental Sampling Kits are ideal for sampling from barrels, canisters, tanks and other large volume liquid storage units. MINI SAMPLER

Bürkle™ SteriPlast™ DispoLadle

Embossed for measuring in 10mL increments. Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ DispoLadle is specifically designed for disposable use. Ergonomic handle on both sides for right or left-hand operation. X20 DispoLadle SteriPlast, HDPE, sterile, 500 mm

Buerkle™ Aqua Sampler

Sampler for ground water samples from wells, pits and other sources. AQUA-SAMPLER 700ML

Buerkle™ UniSampler with Suction Lance

Buerkle™ UniSampler with Suction Lance makes sure liquid only comes into contact with the suction hose and the original sample bottle. UNISAMPLER W/TELESCOPE LANCE

Buerkle™ Vampire Sampler

Transportable, hose pump for liquids, independent of mains power. Ideal for sampling from barrels, tanks, wells, water separators and sewage and purification systems.Vampire is packed in a handy transport case with: drive unit, two rechargeable batteries, battery charger, LED lamp, bottle holder, bottle LDPE 250 ml, hose pump and 5 m hose made of PE. VAMPIRE SAMPLER

Buerkle™ UniSampler with Hose

Buerkle™ UniSampler with Hose for deep, hard-to-reach places. UNISAMPLER

Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter

Manufactured from PTFE. Buerkle™ MiniSampler Adapter fits glass thread GL45. For use with Buerkle™ MiniSampler PTFE. PTFE ADAPTER FOR GL45

Buerkle™ V4A MicroSampler Head

Buerkle™ V4A MicroSampler Head are interchangeable with different tips and volumes. MICROSAMPLER HEAD 0,5CC DIA 10MM

Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Scrapers

Sterilized by gamma rays. Buerkle™ SteriPlast™ Scrapers are sturdy and convenient for scraping off, smoothing or cleaning as well as removing residue. X10 Scraper SteriPlast, PS, sterile, 80 mm

Buerkle™ Angled Spigot Stopcock

Discharge stopcock fits all containers with R 3/4 in. connection threads. Buerkle Angled Spigot Stopcock thread adapters facilitate connection to nearly all container types. SPIGOT POLYPROPYLENE R3/4'

Buerkle™ Wide Neck Jerry can without Threaded Connector

A wide-necked canister particularly suited to the storage of sensitive substances. HDPE-WEITHALSKANISTER OHNE GEWINDSTUTZEN 5 LITER

PVC Wallmount Draining Rack

Buerkle™ PVC Wallmount Draining Rack is constructed of shatterproof plastic and can be adjusted to various requirements. Dish rack without drainage channel, complete withAufsteckstäbchen, LxB=40x40 cm

Buerkle™ Pump Station for AccuOne/EnergyOne Pump

To aid in transferring small quantities of watery media up to 300 mPas from canisters, barrels and narrow-necked containers from 32mm opening diameter. PUMPWERK 50CM ACCU-/ENERGYONE

V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod

Buerkle™ V4A Stainless Steel Extension Rod for Buerkle™ SiloPicker allows samples to be taken from depths down to 3.5 m. SiloPicker extension 50cm

Buerkle™ CheMobil™ PMP Flow Indicator

Use these flow indicators for a wide variety of substances. Buerkle™ CheMobil™ PMP Flow Indicators give precise visual indication of the flow velocity of liquids or gases being transported through hose connections. FLOW INDICATORS RED PMP

Buerkle™ V2A Stainless Steel Sample Spoon

Buerkle™ V2A Stainless Steel Sample Spoon is a specially shaped spoon that allows you to reach almost every corner in a container and prevents samples from trickling out. AISI 304 SS SPOON 400MM

Buerkle™ Close-it™ Food-Quality Control Seal

Prevent products from leaking out after sampling with these quality control seals. Buerkle™ Close-it™ Food-Quality Control Seals are ideal for sampling foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food additives, frozen good or any applications in which cleanliness is particularly important. X500 CLOSE-IT FOOD WHITE

Buerkle™ Glass Sampling Bottles

Buerkle™ Glass Sampling Bottles can be used with Buerkle™ ProfiSampler. GLASS SAMPLING FLASK 1L

Buerkle™ Hand Operated Solvent Pump for Tin-foil Canisters

Buerkle™ Hand Operated Solvent Pump for Tin-foil Canisters remove contamination of organic solvents and flavouring agents. SOLVENTPUMP TINFOIL CANISTERS max. 60cm Eintauchtiefe, Balg

Bürkle™ LaboPlast™ DispoLadle

Embossed for measuring in 10mL increments. Buerkle™ LaboPlast™ DispoLadle includes a spout on both sides for right or left-hand operation. X20 DispoLadle LaboPlast, HDPE, 500 mm

Buerkle™ Close-it™ Control Seal

Close-it labels have a sandwich-type structure (aluminium/paper) which seal containers hermetically with a vapour barrier. Buerkle™ Close-it™ Control Seals will adhere firmly to most container surfaces, even to those coated with fine powder, or those that are slightly moist or even frozen where conventional labels or adhesive tape will not stick. X500 UNPRINTED CONTROL SEAL

Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bottle Carrier

Carries up to six bottles with a maximum outer diameter of 95mm. Buerkle™ Polypropylene Bottle Carrier with vented sides allows easy rinsing and draining. 6 BOTTLE CARRIER 1 LLxWxH=310x210x305 mm