Grant Instruments™ Interchangeable Block for QB Series Dry Block Heaters

For use with 0.2mL tubes, strips and 96-well microtitre plates used in molecular biology and biotechnology applications. Grant Instruments™ Interchangeable Block for QB Series Dry Block Heaters can withstand temperatures up to 100°C. BLOCK QB-17H 12x17MM, DJUP 75MM

Grant Instruments™ JB Academy Unstirred Water Bath

An ideal choice for schools and colleges requiring a basic, simple-to-use quality water bath. Base tray included as standard. The JBA range consists of of three models - 5L, 12L and 18L. Water bath JB Academy JBA12 Grant unstirred 12LWater bath unstirred JBA12, JB Academy unstirred

Grant Instruments™ Tube Adaptor for Grant 360°C Vertical Rotators

For use with Grant PTR-25 or PTR-35 360° Vertical Rotators ROTATOR PLATFORM GRANT-BIO FOR22 TUBES UP TO 15MMdiameter (15mL) metal clips for heaviersolutions

Grant Instruments™ Multi-level Flat Platform Tower With Non-Slip Mat for PSU20i

Flat shaker platform with multiple levels for use with the Grant PSU-20i orbital shaker. Black rubber pads on each platform provide a nonslip surface for vessels on the platform 2-LEVEL FLAT PLATFORM TOWER WITH NON-SLIP MATrubber mat

Grant Instruments™ Grant Bio™ Adjustable Bar for Orbital Platform Shaker

Keeps flasks in place and secure while shaking and rotating. For use with Universal Platform and Compact Shaker-Incubator SPARE ADJUSTABLE BAR FOR PUP-12

Grant Instruments™ Clamp accessory for the Grant digital magnetic stirrer hotplate MSH-300i

Ideal for many applications requiring heating and stirring of liquids including reaction chemistry. Clamp for MSH-300i

Grant Instruments™ Adjustable Angle Platform Rocker

Large capacity, adjustable angle and speed platform rocker, providing soft or intensive side to side rocking for optimal mixing of samples. Suitable for use in cold rooms or incubators with ambient operating temperature range +4ºC to 40ºC. PLATFORM ROCKER LARGE CAPACITY

Grant Instruments™ QB Series Safety Cover

Made from tough clear acrylic for maximum visibility. Grant Instruments™ QB Series Safety Covers prevent accidental touching of a hot block or contamination of samples from splashes. COVER GRANT QBL2 FOR BLD-550-020V,BLD-560-020Xand BLD-570-010K

Grant Instruments™ TC120 Series Heated Circulating Bath

Versatile mid-range Optima heated circulator and plastic tank with comprehensive specification to suit most applications for precision temperature control. Thermostatic circulator bath Grant Optima general

Grant Instruments™ 8-Channel Adapter Kit

Includes tube adaptor, 8 channel aspiration tip and holder. Grant Instruments™ 8-channel Adaptor Kit is autoclavable. 8 CHANNEL ADAPTER SET

Grant Instruments™ Grant Optima™ Refrigerated Circulating Bath

The Grant Optima™ T100 R series of refrigerated circulating baths with digital control provides excellent value for money for straightforward applications requiring accurate heating and cooling in the temperature range of 0 to 100°C. Bath circulator system Grant Optima low temperatur

Grant Instruments™ Test Tube Rack for Unstirred Water Baths

Keeps test tubes upright and secure in the bath. Tube rack s/steel J2-13 test tube for 13mm tubes

Grant Instruments™ Optima™ TFX200 Series Digital Heated Circulating Bath

Provides outstanding performance for applications requiring accurate temperature control up to a maximum of 200°C. Grant Optima™ TFX200 Series Digital Heated Circulating Bath incorporates Intelligent Control Optimisation™ (ICO) for adaptive intelligent PID temperature control and includes a powerful integral pump. Thermostatic circulator bath Grant Optima advanced

Grant Instruments™ Spare Adapter for DEN-1 Densitometer

For use with DEN-1 Densitometer SPARE ADAPTER FOR 16MM OUTER DIA. TUBES

Grant Instruments™ Recirculating Chiller

A choice of robust recirculating RC chillers delivering a constant flow of temperature-controlled liquid to provide powerful, regulated cooling at -10°C for many types of industrial machinery and scientific apparatus. Suitable for circulation through closed systems. RECIRCULATING CHILLER,RC1400G 220-240V,50HZ

Grant Instruments™ XUB Series Digital Ultrasonic Baths

The XUB range of digitally controlled benchtop ultrasonic baths offer consistent and reliable performance in a variety of environments. Incorporating Frequency LEAP technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer high performance giving an accurate and precise ultrasonic process. DIGITAL ULTRASONIC BATH

Grant Instruments™ External Probe

TX external probes (optional) for monitoring and controlling temperature of remote loads. External probe plastic TXPEP Grant with 3m cable

Grant Instruments™ PQ Documentation

Offers equipment user greater comparability and verification with their instruments. Grant Instruments™ PQ Documentation simplifies installation and maintenance procedures, reduces common user errors, and builds a clear record of an instrument's performance throughout its life. PQ DOCUMENTATION FOR R5

Grant Instruments™ Multi-Spin PVC 6000 Centrifuge/Vortex Mixer

Highly versatile and efficient variable-speed combined centrifuge/vortex mixer. Programmed centrifugation and mix operations or independent centrifuging and vortex-mixing of multiple microtubes and 0.2ml strips. CENTRIFUGE/VORTEX MIXER

Grant Instruments™ Grant Bio™ Clamp Kit

T Clamp allows independent use of Grant circulators CLAMPS FOR T SERIES STIRRERS

Grant Instruments™ Aspirator with Trap Flask

Designed for the aspiration or removal of any remaining alcohol or buffer from microtest tube walls during DNA / RNA purification and other macromolecule re-precipitation techniques. Grant Instruments™ FTA-1 Aspirator with Trap Flask can be used for routine operations of cells washing from culture medium and resuspension in buffer. ASPIRATOR WITH TRAP FLASK

Grant Instruments™ Rear Connecting Fittings for RC Series High Precision Recirculating Chillers

Fits 9, 12, or 17mm I.D. hoses. Rear Connecting Fittings for RC Series High Precision Recirculating Chillers are supplied in pairs. ADAPTER AND PIPE FITTING

Grant Bio™ Pressure Gauge For RC Units


Grant Instruments™ Interchangeable Centrifuge Rotor

Provides versatility with both microplate and microtube centrifugation. Grant Bio™ Interchangeable Centrifuge Rotor is available in a variety of rotor types and capacities. Rotor Grant bio for 2 x 96well microplates (std.or deepwell)

Grant Instruments™ Vertical Turbine Pump, 12L/min for Grant Refrigerated Baths and Circulators

Low noise, compact design. Supplied with pipe connections and special lid for fitting to tank, pipe bore 12.7 mm. Grant Instruments™ Vertical Turbine Pump, 12L/min for Grant Refrigerated Baths and Circulators are required only where application demands a higher pressure than that delivered by the internal pump to maintain flow. Turbine pump to fit R4 refrigeration unit Grant

Grant Instruments™ IQ/OQ Documentation

Offers equipment user greater comparability and verification with their instruments. Grant Instruments™ IQ/OQ Documentation simplifies installation and maintenance procedures, reduces common user errors, and builds a clear record of an instrument's performance throughout its life. IQOQ BOOKLET FOR BTD

Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel Empty Tank

Empty stainless steel tank does not include a drain tap Bath Grant Optima empty tank, bridge plate included, no drain tap stainless steel 12L

Grant Instruments™ OLS Aqua Pro Orbital and Linear Shaking Bath

Patented, combined orbital and linear shaking mechanism of the OLS26 allows optimisation of aeration and shear forces mixing, for reproducible results. Grant OLS26 combined orbital and linear shakingbath 26L, 0 to 99°C

Grant Instruments™ Stainless Steel Flask Clamp

Holds flasks in place when used with Grant Aqua Pro Shaking Baths SC Flask clamp stainless steel for 500mL flasks.Compatible with TF12, TF18 & TF26 trays

Grant Instruments™ Heating Block for TS-DW Deep-well Microplate Thermoshaker

Accomodates one deep-well plate for TS-DW Deep-well Microplate Thermoshaker Block heating B-2A for TS-DW 96/2000 µl