Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Sequenza™ Slide Rack for Immunostaining Center

Slide Rack, for use with the Shandon™ Sequenza™ Immunostaining Center. SLIDE RACK HOLDS 10 THERMOScientific coverplate assemblies accessory for

Thermo Scientific™ RiboRuler High Range RNA Ladder

Perform RNA sizing and quantification on native or denaturing gels with this mixture of 8 chromatography purified single-stranded RNA transcripts (200 to 6000 bp long). X5 RiboRuler(TM) High Range RNA ladder, 200 to

Thermo Scientific™ Varioskan™ LUX multimode microplate reader

Analyze a variety of samples with five measurement technologies, including absorbance (UV-Vis), fluorescence intensity, Luminescence, AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA and TRF. Modular multimode microplate reader Varioskan LUX, top&bot FI, Abs, 2 dispensers

Thermo Scientific™ RNase AWAY™ Surface Decontaminant

Eliminate RNase and DNA from laboratory surfaces. RNase AWAY reduces dependency on carcinogenic DEPC treatments and saves time spent baking glassware. Surface Decontaminant RNAse AWAY, Bottle 250ml

Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer

Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer is an absorbance microplate reader designed for the ultimate user experience. By introducing an attractive, touchscreen based user interface combined with multiple connectivity options, we offer refined photometry and bring unmatched versatility to academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical laboratories. Multiskan Sky with Touch Screen

Thermo Scientific™ GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix, ready-to-use

Thermo Scientific™ Fermentas GeneRuler DNA Ladder Mix is recommended for sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels. 250 UG DNA LADDERS, GENERULER(TM) DNA LADDER MIX,ready-to-use, 100-10000 bp, 0.1µg/µL (supplied

Thermo Scientific™ Snap Cap Low Retention Microcentrifuge Tubes

Improve sample recovery without additives or coatings. These tubes offer maximum sample recovery by significantly reducing surface binding.

X500 Snap Cap Microtube 2.0ml, PP, Low Retention,Natural, Graduated, non-sterile, 50/bag

Thermo Scientific™ dNTP Mix (10 mM each)

Thermo Scientific™ dNTP Mix, 10mM each of dATP, dTTP, dCTP and dGTP. X5 Nucleotides, dNTP, dNTP mix, 10mM each 1mL

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion™ High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (2 U/µL)

Get superior performance for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity with one of the most accurate thermostable DNA polymerases available. 1 SET PHUSION HIGH-FIDELITY DNA POLYMERASE 100U,supplied with5x Phusion HF buffer, 5x Phusion GC

Thermo Scientific™ TriTrack DNA Loading Dye (6X)

Prepare DNA markers and samples for loading on agarose or polyacrylamide gels with Thermo Scientific™ 6X TriTrack DNA Loading Dye. X5 6X TRITRACK(TM) DNA LOADING DYE 1ML STORE AT-20°C

Thermo Scientific™ ART™ Barrier Extended Length Pipette Tips

Perform pipetting accurately and consistently with Thermo Scientific&trade ART&trade Extended Length Barrier Pipette Tips, which seal when exposed to potential contaminants.

X768 Barrier Tip ART 1000ul XL, MicroPoint, Low Retention, sterile, 96/hinged rack, 8 racks

Thermo Scientific™ Random Hexamer Primer

Optimze cDNA synthesis with these random hexamer primers, oligo(dT)18 primers and anchored oligo dT primers. 120 UL RANDOM HEXAMER PRIMER, 100µM 120µL STOREat -20°C

Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil™ BDS C8 HPLC Columns

Use as a robust, general-purpose column for QC/QA applications. They are high-quality, base-deactivated, fully endcapped, have similar C18 selectivity but slightly less retentive. 150X4MM 5µM HYPERSIL BDS C8

Thermo Scientific™ RevertAid RT Reverse Transcription Kit

A complete system for efficient synthesis of first strand cDNA from RNA templates. RevertAid RT Kit

Thermo Scientific™ Maxisafe 2030i Biosafety Cabinets to EN12469 & DIN12980

For CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction) compounds. New autonomous safety features for ultimate protection and graphic user interface for ease of operation. Maxisafe 2030i 1.5m, triple filter bsc including UV-C

Thermo Scientific™ Phire Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit (without sampling tools)

PCR directly from various animal tissues including mice, fish, birds and insects without DNA purification. 200RXN Phire animal tissue direct PCR kit(supplied without Harris tools)

Thermo Scientific™ Precision™ General Purpose Baths

Support a wide range of applications with general purpose water baths, designed to maintain temperature from ambient to 100°C. High-performance baths range from 2L to 28L. Precision 2L General Purpose Water Bath 100-120/200-240 VAC, 50-60Hz

Thermo Scientific™ GeneRuler 1 kb Plus DNA Ladder, ready-to-use

Perform sizing and approximate quantification of a wide range of double-stranded DNA on agarose gels. 50 UG GENERULER(TM) 1 KB PLUS DNA LADDER, READY-TO-use, 75 to 20000bp, 0.1ug/µL 100 applications

Thermo Scientific Ion transfer tube, Quantum Access

10267097 Ion transfer tube, Quantum Access Ion transfer tube, Quantum Access

Thermo Scientific™ Phusion Green High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (2 U/µL)

The most accurate thermostable DNA Polymerase available offering superior performance for cloning and other applications requiring high fidelity. 100UNIT PHUSION GREEN HIGH FIDELITY DNA POLYMERASE

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest HindIII

The FastDigest HindIII restriction enzyme recognizes A^AGCTT sites and cuts best at 37°C in 5-15 minutes using universal FastDigest Buffer. X5 FASTDIGEST HINDIII 500UL

Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest BamHI

Cut at G^GATCC sites with Thermo Scientific™ FastDigest™ BamHI restriction enzyme, which performs best at 37°C in 5-15 minutes using universal FastDigest Buffer. X5 FASTDIGEST BAMHI 500UL

Thermo Scientific™ MassRuler Low Range DNA Ladder, ready-to-use

Perform accurate quantification and sizing of DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis with these low range DNA ladders. 1 MG DNA LADDERS, MASSRULER(TM) LOW RANGE DNAladder, ready-to-use, 80-1031 bp, 60.8ng/µL (suppl

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi nL Reagent Dispenser, 50nL to 50µL

Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Combi nL Rreagent Dispenser provides accurate, consistent and high throughput dispensing for all laboratories across a volume range of 50nL to 50μL. MULTIDROP COMBI NL DISPENSER

Thermo Scientific™ MassRuler High Range DNA Ladder, ready-to-use

Perform accurate quantification and sizing of DNA fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis with these high range DNA ladders. 1 MG DNA LADDERS, MASSRULER(TM) HIGH RANGE DNAladder, ready-to-use, 1500-10000 bp, 42.2 ng/µL

Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ 1 Plus and 2 Plus Rotational Viscometers

The HAAKE Visctoester 1, 2 plus Viscometer has been discontinued and replaced with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester 3 Viscometer.


Applied Biosystems™ SeqStudio™ Cathode Buffer Container

The Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Cathode Buffer Container (CBC) contains running buffer to support Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis applications on the SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer System. SEQSTUDIO CATHODE BUFFER CONT KIT

Thermo Scientific™ Refrigerated Incubator (EU), 250 L, Powder-coated Stainless Steel

Temperature Range: 4°C to 60°C RI250 Refrigerated Incubator 250L, Compressor cooled, 220V EU

Thermo Scientific™ dNTP Set, 100 mM Solutions

Optimize molecular biology applications with this dNTP set, consisting of aqueous solutions of dATP, dTTP, dCTP and dGTP supplied in separate tubes. X4 Nucleotides, dNTP, dNTP Set, 99% purity by

Thermo Scientific™ Microplate Carriers for M-20 Microplate Swinging-Bucket Rotor

Integrate these microplate carriers with the microplate swinging bucket rotor. 75003625 Mikrotiterplatten-Träger